Loreto Bay Golf Course

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NEEDED: Good Neighbors, Happy Golfers, and Fun Lovers.
Please join us for a great time Saturday, December 15th, 2018 at 9AM.

It’s the time of year when some of us like to reach out and share our own good fortune with others. Again this season, the Loreto Bay Golf course is organizing an "Employees' Invitational Tournament” to benefit the golf-course employees. Help us start Las Posadas on a happy note for these hard-working people and their families.

We will play an 18-hole scramble with employee(s) teamed with paying player(s). Paying players on top teams will get the bragging rights and some free dinners donated by local restaurateurs, awarded at the big fiesta and fish fry following play. Employee top finishers will get prize money from one half of all donations and from one half of whatever cash is left after the fiesta is paid for. Donation can is in the clubhouse. Feel free to use it.

We will also hold a raffle to distribute the remaining cash and any donated items to the employees. Anyone wishing to donate gifts, whether attending or not, may give them to Carlos, Alberto, or Irene at the course (no limits here as to value, size, etc., but items should be useful and presentable, not necessarily wrapped but not trashy). Donation can is in the clubhouse. Feel free to use it.

Places can be secured for players by signing up at the clubhouse and paying the entry fee of 500p. Cutoff for entry will be Dec 14th. Green fees, carts, etc. are NOT included in the entry fee. Non-players are encouraged to join us after play, paying 200p for the fiesta and fish fry as well as a free-will donation for the employees. Your participation at any level in this event will be greatly appreciated, both by the employees and by those of us who enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Donation can is in the clubhouse. Feel free to use it.



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