Loreto Bay Golf Course

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Employees' Invitational Golf Tournament
To raise funds to send our Junior Golf Regional Champs
to the Mexican Junior Golf National Championships
9 AM Saturday, April 14th, 2020

Sign up in the GC office for the Employees’ Invitational golf tournament. Eighteen holes, scratch scramble. Entry fee 500p. Green fees and cart rentals are not included in the entry fee. Ladies are most welcome to participate. Some of the entry fee pays for a big outdoor feast and fiesta after play. What's left will be combined with any collected donations, and part of this total will be split among the top employee finishers, with the rest used to get our young champs to Cancün for the Nationals. Employees will select/be assigned partners from among the paid players on the list. Your chance to be included in this event depends upon how soon you sign up and pay; the number of playing employees is not large. Cutoff for payment will be Friday, 3-13. Non-golfing spouses or guests may sign up for 250p to join in the fiesta. Please indicate when signing up whether you are playing or just partying. Anyone, whether playing or not, is encouraged to donate to the employees’ prize fund and the Junior Champs fund by putting cash in he labeled can in the GC office.

Here is our chance to send two of our local champs to play in the Mexican National Junior Golf Championship Tournament. How very proud we are to arrive at this moment with two shots at national championships for members of our small community.






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